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APRIL 25, 2020

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What's New

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Choose Your Own Adventure

This year, we’re introducing Journeys to ensure your schedule is tailored to your professional experience. Your registration gets you guaranteed access to all programming and workshops in your Journey, so you don’t have to stress about selecting your schedule before the Girlboss Rally. Want more? Upgrade any Journey to a VIP Journey for a tailored schedule plus plenty of extra perks.

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Hear from the women we admire most as they let us in on the life-changing moments that shaped them into the phenoms, innovators, activists, creators, and entrepreneurs they are today.


We’re going deep on the topics you care about the most with conversations and workshops designed to up your financial wisdom, advance your career goals and confidence, and keep your stress and burnout levels in check.
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Between inspirational keynotes and action-focused workshops, you’ll have plenty of time to explore Rally fan favorites like Boss Shots, the Shopping Bazaar, Sophia’s Library, a networking lunch, one-on-one personal development sessions, happy hour, and more!
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Find Your Spark

“If you've ever chosen to take the scary, uncertain, slightly irrational path of being an entrepreneur, you're going to need a boost every now and then. You're going to need reassurance. You're going to need a reminder that you're not alone and that it's all worth it. The Girlboss Rally was my reminder. So many bad bitches in one place. So much inspiration in one place. So much "keep going" in one place. I'm on fire, and even when I feel like giving up, nope. We here. I'm here. It's here.”

— Nexus, Jersey City, NJ

Feel The Energy

“All smiles, no filter. I'm still incredibly high from all the love and positive vibes from the Girlboss Rally. I am so grateful for the lovely reminder that together, we’re changing the world by lifting each other up.”

—Trish, Los Angeles, CA

Become A Leader

“This weekend was one I will never forget. To be surrounded by like-minded, motivated, and kind women was amazing. I am a stronger boss than I was Friday and I'm ready to be an even better leader to my team and the world.”

— Cristina, San Diego, CA

Make Lifelong Connections

“The greatest takeaway from the Girlboss Rally was the amazing kindness, connection, and support we are capable of when we come together. I felt so enriched and supported. The memories, friendships, and knowledge I soaked up this weekend will no doubt stay with me all my life.”

— Brittany, Nashville, TN 

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